about company

Neo Elementum

Neo Elementum Ltd develops, orders and distributes food supplements and cosmetics products under its own brand, markets and sells them via COD model using online technologies in the EU.

Achieving goals to be ahead.

We sustain the finest innovative nutritional products with uncompromising integrity for maximum effectiveness. Our company guarantees customer satisfaction by offering safety assurance with the highest quality ingredients based on exceptional medical research programs. We are very customer focused company and chose as the main distribution model “cash on delivery” approach which allows us to operate with our consumers via it-technologies and online marketing innovations.


Develop and order

Neo Elementum Ltd as producer develops and places factory orders on new innovative products in food supplement and cosmetics sector. Also, we place orders and searching for manufacturers to cooperate with, that allows us to produce more and expand our distribution.

Customer on atop

Neo Elementum as a brand combines in one customer-oriented product manufacturing and customer-focused marketing. We strive to contribute to the health and well-being of people around the world by creating new value through the pursuit of advances in life sciences and marketing technologies.

Online trading

Neo Elementum Ltd as a distributor retail products according to basic principles of “cash on delivery” model. We create highly supplied wow-trend products using the latest marketing innovations in online distribution. Therefore, our main activity is to create trends among customers in the EU and provide high-level service with loyalty program for customers and partners.

We are open for new innovations and looking for new innovative products and opportunities for cooperation.